GRCES – Iroquois and Evergreen Campuses

            Mr. McWhertor’s Technology Website…and Off-Campus Learning!

We will be adding lots of resources here for students to use while learning at home. For now, there are lots of resources under each grade-level that are great.

Links to teacher websites:


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

EV 2020 Eagle Book Award Read-Alouds

link to vote for EV 2020 Eagle Book Award finalists


Iroquois Kindergarten

Mrs. Minnema

Mrs. Jonker

Miss Rozendal

Mrs. Bardolph

Sra. Jimenez

Sr. Huisman


Iroquois 1st Grade

Sra. Wolf

Mrs. Kingma

Sra. DeMoor

Mrs. Traylor


Iroquois 2nd Grade

Miss VanTimmeren

Mrs. Baker

Mrs. Groen

Sra. Hendriksen

Sras. Jen y Vanderzee


Iroquois 3rd Grade

Mrs. Wright

Sra. Abreu

Mr. Helder

Mrs. Boice

Sra. Triminio


Iroquois 4th Grade

Mrs. Asfour

Mrs. Pluymert

Sra. Silvey

Sra. Ambrose