Hour of Code 2019/2020

Welcome to the Hour Of Code 2019!!

Join the global movement happening this week (Dec. 9 -16) in over 180 countries.


What is Hour of Code?

What is Coding?

Simply, Coding is using a special language to tell a computer what to do.  Coding involves creativity and problem solving to figure out how to make a computer perform a task.




Why should I try it?

Coding is a skill exercises your creativity, problem-solving, and stick-to-it muscles!  Computer skills are so important for school and life.  Jobs involving computer science are the fast-growing and highest paying in the world.  Plus it is fun!


Why should we take an hour to practice coding?

It is about opening opportunities for people. Through one hour, people can learn the basics of computer science. Most important of all, it is to let people realize that coding is fun! Everyone can start coding if they want to. Coding does not stop here. You can do more coding at your leisure time!


Here are the links to grade level pages:

Kindergarten-1st Grade

2nd-3rd Grade

4th-5th Grade


More information about coding!