Typing Competition

Time to get your typing up to speed! 🙂

We will do 2 typing competitions at the same time. Everyone participates, and you can take as many 5 minute typing tests as you would like for the competition…at home or at school!

Speed Competition: The 3 students in each class with the fast words per minute (wpm) by the end of the semester will win a prize.

Most Improved Competition: The 3 students in each class with the largest improvement in their wpm will win a prize (e.g. improving from 5 wpm to 15 wpm is a 300% improvement).

Prizes in previous years have included: colorful earbud headphones, flashdrives, itunes gift cards, full size candy bars, and more…

Take a typing test at: http://www.typing.com

Submit your Typing Speed Here!