Infographic Investigation

What are infographics?

Introduction: Study this infographic about School Breakfast and determine the infographic’s key parts and main idea.

Task 1: You will create a blog post of your interpretation of what an infographic is. Your blog post will include:

  1. an example (with citation) of an effective Infographic (post the infographic on your poster). Be sure to cite the infographic using easybib.
  2. a brief description of what an infographic is (in your own words)
  3. a list of the key parts
  4. the reason they are useful
  5. an explanation of what your analysis or the summary of what you learned from the infographic
Task 2:  Check out these Infographics that show the differences between Yesterday vs Today. Then consider, what makes a good infographic?

The map of the London Underground rail system is not accurate. But passengers appreciate its design despite the fact that it does not reflect the true dimensions of a map. Check out this interactive map which compares 3 possible maps of the London Underground.

Answer these questions on this chart and post to Google Classroom:

  1. What is different about each of the maps?
  2. List the pros and cons of each map.
  3. Tell which map you would prefer to use as a passenger of the London Underground and why.
Task 3: 
  1. Select a school appropriate topic for your own infographic.
  2. Collect data by creating a survey in Google Forms. Instructions.
  3. Login with Google (school username and password) to Piktochart to create an Infographic. Instructions.
Infographic Reflections:
  • How does the infographic communicate more clearly than written text or a single image?
  • What was the process of creating your infographic?
  • What advice would you give to other infographic designers before, during and after their creation?
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Ms. Frens Infographic Example

Check out this video of someone editing their infographic.

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