Week of 9/23

Homework and PWJ: Thanks for responding to your child in their PWJ and sending it back to school by Friday. The homework password this week is autumn. Please let me know if you would like me to send home a hard copy of the homework with your child, or if you would like me to send the homework to your email as well. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!
Hiking Through the National Parks Reading Incentive: During our library time, Mrs. Boss has been getting the fourth graders excited about a new reading challenge! In this challenge, the whole fourth grade will be working together to read a certain number of books that brings them to one of 5 national parks in the U.S. With each national park comes a fun incentive! Students need to read 3 National Parks books, 3 U.S regions books, and 4 choice fiction books throughout the next several weeks. These books can be found in our school library, but the public library also has a great selection! Please talk with your child about this challenge, and encourage them to work hard at it!
Christmas Program Update: Due to scheduling issues with high school activities, the 3/4 Christmas program has been rescheduled.  The program will be Monday, December 16, at 7 pm at the Center for Arts and Worship.  Mark your calendars with the change!
Foot Frolic Frenzy: Foot Frolic Frenzy is coming up soon! Please be collecting pledges to support our school. This is our PTO’s only fundraiser. Funds are used to cover the cost of field trips, provide money for teachers to use toward their classroom and to support events such as Grandfreind’s Day and Coffee Connections. Look for a volunteer sign up to help us out on the day of the event in the home bulletin next week!Thank you for supporting this event!
Becky Kok and Leah Koldenhoven
FFF Co-Chairs
Upcoming Dates: 
September 25: Language Usage MAP Test
September 27: 4th Grade Field Trip to IMAX (see previous IMAX post for more details)
October 4: Grandfriends Day
October 11: Foot Frolic Frenzy
October 22, 29, 31: Parent/Teacher Conferences

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