Curriculum Update

Bible: We are currently finishing up a review unit on Genesis through Joshua, focusing on God’s faithfulness to his people. Our next unit will be Judges. We will talk about the cycle of sin, and how Jesus changed the narrative when he died on the cross!

Math: We are working hard on multiplication! Students are multiplying 1 digit by 4 digit numbers, and will soon be multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit numbers. We have begun the unit using strategies to solve multiplication problems that lend themselves to conceptual understanding (students understand WHY it works!). Later, we will make the connection between these methods and the standard algorithm. It is so important for students to be fluent in their multiplication facts. Please work with your child on these at home! I will be sending information home about XtraMath, a website/app that students can use to practice these skills!

Reading: Our first reading unit was on developing good reading habits. Students jumped back into the habit of reading every day, and for long stretches of time! We brushed up on important reading skills like visualizing, summarizing and inferring. Now, we are diving into our second unit, which is all about characters and character development. Students are reading a novel with a small group, having great discussions and practicing important reading skills. They are really enjoying their books! Please ask your student which book club they are in and what has been their favorite part about book clubs so far!

Writing: We are in the drafting stages of our personal narratives! Students have worked hard writing several scenes of something that they have experienced. We are excited to continue revising and editing, so that we are able to publish some nice pieces!

Social Studies: We have wrapped up our first unit on the United States, and where it is located in the world. We zoomed in on the U.S in order to take a closer look at the 5 major regions. We will now be focusing on science for the next few weeks.

Science: We have begun our unit on energy! Students will be experimenting with converting energy from one form to another by creating an electrical circuit.

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