Week of January 6

Hello, all!

I am so excited to continue our 4th grade year together. The month of January is full of new learning and also assessing your child’s mid-year progress. Thank you for helping us get back on the school schedule with bedtime schedules, reading and math fact times throughout the week, eating healthy meals, and making time for homework. Please be sure to read what you need to know for this week as well as the curriculum update.

Homework: There will be no online homework this week. We will ease our way back into the new year! However, we will be continuing with the United States Challenge. Students will need to memorize the states and special features for week 4 of the challenge. They will be tested on Friday.

World Renew: The fourth graders raised $369.66 for World Renew! This money will go toward providing animals, baby kits and bee hives to families in need. Thanks for your support for this fundraiser!

Curriculum Update

Bible: We are beginning a unit on Ruth. We will learn all about her faithfulness in following God’s plan for her!

Math: We are in the middle of a unit on word problems and algebraic expressions. Students are learning to solve simple problems with variables, as well as create equations with variables for one step and multi-step word problems. This unit is tough. Be sure to encourage your child, and ask how they’re doing with math.

Reading: We are wrapping up our unit on informational text. Students have been working hard, using a bin of informational texts about a particular topic in order to practice non-fiction reading skills. Soon, we will be starting a unit on theme. Students will begin a new novel study with a new group. They will think deeply about themes that can be found in fictional texts.

Writing: We are working hard on writing opinion essays. Students are coming up with reasons and evidence that support their opinion.

Social Studies: Students will be learning all about the economy with Sra. Silvey. For the rest of the year, students will be rotating between all of the fourth grade teachers to learn new units in both social studies and science.

Upcoming Dates:
January 20: MLK Jr. Day (1/2 Day of School)
February 14: 1/2 Day, Mid-Winter Break
February 17: No School, Mid-Winter Break
February 25, March 3, March 5: Parent/Teacher Conferences

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