For Monday…

I apologize for a blog post over the weekend. I wanted to make you aware of a few things for next week…

  1. Reminder that Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It will be a half day of school (12:10 dismissal). There will be no GRPS busing. It will be gym pick up.
  2. VIP Selections: Students were given options for a V.I.P from their state yesterday. The people on the list are people that we have resources for in our library. I did tell students that if they really wanted someone else from their state, they could look into resources at the public library (they would need at least 1 book) and online. Your child will spend a lot of time researching this person leading up to our living wax museum at the end of April! Please take a few minutes to discuss this list with your child before Monday (or Tuesday if you don’t check email over the weekend 🙂
  3. Homework 13: I apologize…I forgot to send out the homework yesterday afternoon! Students now have the homework in their email. It will be due next Friday, the 24th.
  4. Recorders! If your child will be bringing a recorder from home, they will need it on Monday.

Thanks for taking the time to read!
Kelsey Ambrose

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