Week of February 18

Hello, all!
I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend! Here’s what you need to know for the week…

Pre-Conference Form: Please fill in this pre-conference form form by this Friday, the 21st. It should only take a couple of minutes! Keep an eye out for the conference schedule that will be coming out soon.

Scholastic Orders: Your child is being sent home with Scholastic catalogues today. Included is the catalogue of Spanish books, Club Leo. If you do choose to order books, please be sure to use our class code, QB6P9. Every purchase made gets us points to spend on resources for the classroom.

 None this week!

PWJ: Please respond to your child in their PWJ and return it to school by Friday.

Curriculum Update:

  • Bible: We have just completed our unit on Samuel, and are now moving into Kings. We will be learning all about King Saul and God’s plan for the Israelites in this unit!
  • Math: We are diving into our second unit on fractions. We are looking at how to create equivalent fractions and compare fractions with unlike denominators. At the end of the unit, we will use our understanding of fractions to learn about decimals.
  • Reading: Students are thinking deeply about books! In our current unit, students are reading novels, identifying themes of the novels, and giving evidence for those themes.
  • Writing: Students are working hard to research their V.I.Ps. We will begin creating a brochure with all of the information they’ve learned at the end of the week.
  • Social Studies:¬†Students are enjoying a social studies unit all about the rights and responsibilities of a U.S citizen with Mrs. Asfour.

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