Peek at Week 2

Peek at Week 2

Devotions, Prayer & Bible: We began the year with a quick review of the stories of Creation. Last week we read about Creation, Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, and Enoch and this week will begin with the story of Noah.  The focus in these stories is God’s care for us. Highlights from this unit include:-

We study the Bible because it is God’s Word.
Students will recall familiar Bible stories.
God created and cares for the world.
Sin entered the world through Adam and Eve’s disobedience and ushered in hardship, sickness, and death.
God promised a Savior to conquer sin and restore creation.

Math – We started the year with a quick summary of kindergarten skills. Now we begin building routines for math time and learn the different tools we will be using this year. Our main focus is working on number partners and working on our fact fluency.

Phonics – We begin the year with a review of the letter groups, how to form words, and hearing sounds in different positions of words. I’m pleased with the work we’ve been able to do already – your children came from kindergarten with a good foundation!

Reading Workshop– Our overall class goal is developing routines for reading workshop and building independent reading stamina. I have started to do some one-on-one work to learn more about your child’s reading so I can start to find good fit reading levels for guided reading time.

Writing Workshop – Part of getting going on writing is learning and practicing procedures for writing workshop. We will begin writing workshop this week.

Social Studies/Science – We begin the year with a unit on social skills, friendship and growth mindset. We read a lot of picture books as part of this unit and always have some great discussions.

Dates to Note

  • August 30 and September 2: No school
  • September 6: Chapel – all are invited
  • September 13: Prayer Circles begin
  • September 16: GRCES Picture Day
  • October 4: Grandfriends’ Day

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