A Peek at Week 10

A Peek at Week 10

Bible – This week we’ll continue reading about Moses and the Israelites as they leave Egypt.  Highlights from this unit include: God preserved the Israelites, delivered them from Egypt, taught them how to worship him, and brought them to the Promised Land. God took loving care of the Israelites. God had a plan to use Moses to deliver the people from slavery. God gave the Ten Commandments to direct people in their relationship with him and others.

Math – We continue working on addition and subtraction facts to solve story problems. This week we will focus on telling the difference between addition and subtraction especially in word problems.

Phonics – As we’ve added blends into our work, the spelling of new words gets more challenging – especially words that begin with blends like spl, spr, squ, str, etc.. We continue practicing with partners to hear the blends in different words. Please continue working on the Most Common Words lists if your child has one at home. Word lists 1-3 are words your child was introduced to in kindergarten. In first grade we are working on lists 1-6.

Reading Workshop– This week we’ll begin working on the concepts of schema, prior knowledge and how to monitor your comprehension – ex. Stop when you read something that doesn’t make sense. We’re also going to be working in non-fiction books so we’ll look over some of the text features in those books.

Writing – We continue focusing on writing SMALL moments.This week our focus is on how to show when someone is talking, telling the story bit by bit and how to elaborate and give more details by telling what people were thinking and feeling.

Social Studies/Science – This week we continue in Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles.  Tomorrow we will visit the public museum and planetarium as part of our science unit on Space.

Dates to Note:

Monday, October 21 – First field trip – Roger B. Chaffee Planetarium

October 22-31 Book Fair at school

Tuesday, October 22: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, October 23: Half Day of School, dismiss 12:10

Thursday and Friday, October 24 & 25: No School, teacher professional development

Tuesday, October 29: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, October 28: No GRPS bussing so after-school pickup will be in the gym. GR Christian busses will run as usual.

Monday, November 18: Kingma and Traylor’s class Field Trip to Police Station (I’ll need 3-4 parents to come along on this trip.) We’ll be gone from 8:45-10:45.  Email me if you are interested in joining us.

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