A Peek at Week 11

A Peek at Week 11

Bible – This week we’ll read more about Moses and the Israelites as receive the 10 commandments from God.  Highlights from this unit include: God preserved the Israelites, delivered them from Egypt, taught them how to worship him, and brought them to the Promised Land. God took loving care of the Israelites. God had a plan to use Moses to deliver the people from slavery. God gave the Ten Commandments to direct people in their relationship with him and others.

Math – We continue working on addition and subtraction facts to solve story problems. This week we will focus on how addition and subtraction are related. We’ll also learn how to write equations in the vertical form. We’ll be done with this unit at the end of the week.

Phonics – We continue practicing the blends in different words. Please continue working on the Most Common Words lists if your child has one at home. We’ll be working on list 7 at school this week.

Reading Workshop– Our focus this week is how to record our thinking as we are reading and then we get a chance to share those notes with our partners. We write questions we have, facts that are interesting, or funny/favorite parts of our reading.

Writing – We’ll be wrapping up our unit on SMALL moments after this week. We’ll be working on adding more sentences to books that are already “done” and on choosing a favorite piece of writing to edit and revise.

Social Studies/Science – This week we continue in Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles. Our focus this week will be on shapes of the moon and it’s cycle around the earth.

Dates to Note:

October 22-31 Book Fair at school

Tuesday, October 29: Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, November 18: Kingma and Traylor’s class Field Trip to Police Station (I’ll need 3-4 parents to come along on this trip.) We’ll be gone from 8:45-10:45.

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