At Home Reading

Thank you for already working on the Book-in-a-Bag books with your kids. You may have noticed that there is also a sight word list in your child’s bag. Here’s more information about these lists:

Sight Word Sticker Lists

Sight Words or Most Common Words are words we regularly use that often do not follow phonetic rules.  At the start of the year your child was assessed on the first 30 words that they should have learned in kindergarten. We will continue to add more words as the year goes on. Based on the data gathered and the number of words that I have introduced, I am sending home a sticker book at the appropriate level for your child.

The sticker lists will stay in your child’s book in a bag. First graders should practice reading the words and then put a tally in the tally box every time they read the list. Practice and consistency is important.  I would like to see more than a couple tally marks in the box. They should be able to read each word accurately within one or two seconds – we are looking for automaticity. When they are  ready to read the whole list to me (it may take some time, don’t feel rushed) simply initial the box on the front page.  I will have them read the list to me and will give them a sticker for each word they get right. If they master the list, I will send home the next list and they can begin to practice that one. If they miss a few words, I will send home the same list and they can practice just the words they miss. We introduce new words every couple of weeks. Some first graders won’t get a new list until we have introduced new words. This means they have mastered the  words that we expect them to know at that point in the year.

If you would like to do more with the list, practice working on spelling these words correctly or using these words in context.  Let me know if  you have any questions!