A Peek at Week 13

A Peek at Week 13

Bible – This week we’ll begin reading stories from Joshua as he takes over as the leader of the Israelites. Highlights of this unit include: The victory at Jericho belonged to God, not to Joshua. Rahab and her family were saved for helping the spies. God sent miracles to help the Israelites defeat their enemies. God helped the Israelites conquer the land of Canaan.

Math – This week we’ll continue to focus on addition and subtraction problems that have an unknown partner instead of an unknown total. We’ll solve these with math mountains, circle drawings, and equations. First graders are also working on the goal of  fluency for addition and subtraction facts within 10. We’ll be using the website xtra math for some extra practice with these facts.

Phonics – We’re working on digraphs this week and how these combinations of letters make a new sound: sh, ch, th, wh, ph.

Reading Workshop– Last week we collected a bunch of examples of non-fiction text features that help us understand what we are reading. Now our focus will move to background knowledge and schema and how these things can help us understand what we are reading.

Writing – We continue our work of writing non-fiction books that teach others. First graders are experts in so many areas! It’s fun to see all of the things that they know. Thank you for helping your child with the idea sheet – these are so helpful when we encounter “writers’ block” here at school.

Social Studies/Science – We began a new unit on “What is a Citizen?” Our first focus topics are on rules: who makes them and why we need them. Next we’ll look at the topic of fairness and whether fair means the same thing for everyone or not.

Class Supplies:  I’m collecting paper towel tubes for math. If you have one that is NOT bent or peeling apart, we’d love to use it.

Dates to Note:

Monday, November 18: Kingma’s and Traylor’s classes:  Field Trip to downtown Grand Rapids Police Station.  We’ll be gone from 8:45-10:45.

*I’m planning on Lena Clemo, Michelle Holman, Katie DeVries, and Brianna Powell.*

Tuesday, November 26: Thanksgiving Chapel at 8:25 AM

November 27-29: Thanksgiving Break, no school

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