A Peek at Week 15

A Peek at Week 15

Bible This week we begin reading about the Judges who lead Israel.  Highlights of this unit include:God showed mercy to his covenant-breaking people by sending judges to deliver them. The Israelites returned to a cycle of disobedience after the death of each judge. Ruth, a Moabite, came to Israel with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth and Boaz shared a selfless love, and Ruth, a foreigner, became an important member of God’s special people. God made Naomi’s bitter and empty life sweet and full again.

Math – We continue to focus on addition and subtraction problems that have an unknown partner instead of an unknown total. We’ll be working on story problems and listening for key words to know when we know a total or when we’re being told a partner. First graders continue working on the goal of  fluency for addition and subtraction facts within 10.

Phonics – We’ll be practicing digraphs this week and how these combinations of letters make a new sound: sh, ch, th, wh, ph. We’ll also be introducing a new list of words that all first graders need to be able to read by sight. So far there are 8 lists of words that your child should know or be learning. We’ll keep practicing at school as well.

Reading Workshop– Our focus this week is on schema, making connections and how this can understand how characters are feeling and why they are acting certain ways. We’ll be doing a mini-study of the book Balloons over Broadway.

Writing – We continue our work of writing non-fiction books that teach facts about a topic that we are experts on.  The kids are excited about this new unit and have a lot of information to share!

Social Studies/Science – This week we begin a Social Studies unit on Wants and Needs. Our focus begins on what wants and needs are and how we get them. We also look at different goods and services.

Class Supplies

I’m still collecting paper towel tubes for math. If you have one that is NOT bent or peeling apart, we’d love to use it.

Dates to Note:

Tuesday, November 26: Thanksgiving Chapel at 8:30 AM

November 27-29: Thanksgiving Break, no school

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