A Peek at Week 16: December 2-6

A Peek at Week 16

Reminder 1: November reading logs from the book-in-a-bag are due to school this week!

Reminder 2: Please remember to send boots to school with your child all winter – snow or no snow. Our playground gets quite muddy as things melt and refreeze! Also, watch the weather and make sure your child has appropriate clothing to play outside!

Devotions and Prayer – This month we will focus on advent, waiting and getting our hearts ready for the real meaning and celebration of Christmas.

Bible -We will continue reading about the Judges who lead Israel.  Highlights of this unit include:God showed mercy to his covenant-breaking people by sending judges to deliver them. The Israelites returned to a cycle of disobedience after the death of each judge. Ruth, a Moabite, came to Israel with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth and Boaz shared a selfless love, and Ruth, a foreigner, became an important member of God’s special people. God made Naomi’s bitter and empty life sweet and full again.

Math – We continue to focus on addition and subtraction problems that have an unknown partner instead of an unknown total. We’ll be working on story problems and listening for key words to know when we know a total or when we’re being told a partner. First graders continue working on the goal of  fluency for addition and subtraction facts within 10. Xtra math is a great way for some extra practice at home.

Phonics – We are working on phonetic skills which are tools to help kids know how to decode words in their reading. Skill 1 helps us read CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) like b-a-t and CVCC words (like sand) and shows kids that those words will always have short vowel sounds. We also continue to work on learning sight words – please keep practicing these at home.

Reading Workshop– Our focus this week is on asking questions while we are reading. This helps students make sure they are making sense of what they are reading and is an important tool to increase comprehension.

Writing – We continue our work of writing non-fiction books that teach facts about a topic that we are experts on.  We’re working on some ways to tell more about a topic – trying to answer questions that someone else might have, writing twin sentences, and using labels in pictures.

Social Studies/Science – This week we begin a Social Studies unit on Wants and Needs. Our focus begins on what wants and needs are and how we get them. We also look at different goods and services.

Intervention Times

Just a reminder that each day, the first grade teachers are supported by additional instructional staff to help us meet the individual needs of our students in reading and math. Your child might mention that he/she is working with Mrs. Bootsma, Mrs. Rusticus, Mrs. Pifer, Mrs. Holwerda or Mrs. Correll. We work on individual skills in small groups and this is just one more way we work together to make sure the kids are growing! We are so thankful for our team!

Class Supplies

I’m am collecting toilet paper tubes for a Christmas craft. Thanks for saving them! We are all set with paper towel tubes!

Dates to Note:

Cookie decorating with buddies. Online sign-up is coming soon.

Class Christmas party (more details coming soon)

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