A Peek at Week 19

A Peek at Week 19

Welcome back! I hope you had a great break! I’m heading to Canada today for one more family celebration so I’m busy getting ready for next week. We’re reading to jump in and get back to learning together! Please make sure to send boots and all appropriate snow clothes with your child this week. We sent it all home over break!

Note: We are collecting flashlights to use with our light and sound unit. Please label one and send it to school with your child by Friday. Let me know if you don’t have one for your child to use. Thanks!

Devotions and Prayer – Last month we focused on advent, waiting and getting ready for the birth of Christ. This month we will be focusing on Epiphany and the gift of Christ to all!

Bible -We resume our regular Bible stories by continuing with the Judges. Highlights of this unit include:God showed mercy to his covenant-saving his people by sending judges to deliver them. The Israelites returned to a cycle of disobedience after the death of each judge. Ruth, a Moabite, came to Israel with her mother-in-law, Naomi. Ruth and Boaz shared a selfless love, and Ruth, a foreigner, became an important member of God’s special people. God made Naomi’s bitter and empty life sweet and full again.
Math – We will begin a new unit in Math this week on place value working with tens and ones. Big objectives include: read, write and represent 2 digit numbers, compare two-digit numbers, add tens and ones, use strategies to add within 20, solve story problems. The kids will continue working on their number math scrolls which also help us see patterns in tens and ones.

Phonics – This week we will continue practicing our new sight words – adding list 9! This means that we’ve worked on close to 100 sight words this year. Sight words are critical as your child learns to become a fluent reader. If your child is still working on earlier lists, please consider setting aside extra time at home to continue practicing the words together. We do a lot of work on them at school as well and partnering at home can make a big difference!

Reading Workshop- This week we’ll focus on asking questions while we read. Our goals are: use images and words to gain understanding, ask questions when you read, listen and view, understand why some questions are answered and some are not, and find questions to expand our thinking.

Writing – We continue our work of writing non-fiction books that teach facts about a topic that we are experts on.

Social Studies/Science – We will begin our unit on light and sound this week. Here are some highlights of this unit: Sounds are made when something vibrates. Sounds can be loud or soft, and high or low. We use sound and light to communicate. A shadow is made when something blocks the light.

Dates to Note:
Monday, January 20 – Half day of school, 12:10 dismissal.
MAP testing (winter session) will be this month

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