A Peek at Week 24

A Peek at Week 24

Devotions and Prayer – This week we continue focusing on prayer and learning about God from his creation.

Bible – This week we will begin moving into the Kings of Israel.  Our focus will be on: God kept his promise to the Israelites even though they were unfaithful and rejected his rule by requesting a king. At God’s direction, Samuel anointed first Saul and later David to be Israel’s first two kings. Saul did not trust or obey God’s commands, and the kingdom was taken from him.

Math – This week we continue working on place value and will continue working more and more with teen numbers. We’ll work on making 10 for an addition strategy and will keep practicing our addition and subtraction facts through 10. One thing that you can practice with your child at home is counting from one decade number into the next. Here’s an example… 27, 28, 29, _____. Knowing which decade number comes next is going to be very helpful in this unit.

Phonics – This week we will begin work on decoding words that have vowel pairs. We’ll also keep working on sight words!

Reading Workshop– This week we continue inferring and asking questions to help us figure out what is going on in a text. Our focus is on making logical inferences from clues in the text. We begin this unit by reading a variety of poems which are great for inferring.

Writing Workshop -This week we continue writing opinions and practicing sharing good reasons for our choices. We are working hard on developing our ideas and adding more details. Instead of saying, “I like that dog because it is cute.” Our goal is to add more and say something like, “I like that dog because it has cute ears and a nice nose.”

Social Studies/Science – We’ll be wrapping up our sound unit this week and will move on to How We Learn about Places. The field trip to the post office is part of this next unit. We’ll be going in the morning on February 27. I can take 2-3 parents along on this trip. Please let me know if you are interested! Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of the newsletter!

Dates to Note:

Friday, February 14: Half Day, dismissal at 12:10

Monday, February 17: No School

Tuesday, February 25: Parent/teacher conferences

Thursday, February 27: Post Office Field Trip: more information coming soon

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