A Peek at Week 4

A Peek at Week 4
Bible – This week we continue reading about Abraham.  Highlights from this unit include: God chose Abram’s family to be the ancestors of his chosen people. Jesus fulfilled God’s promises to Abraham and his descendants. We praise God for his promises and his fulfillment of the promises he makes.
Math – Our work this week will continue to work on number partners and fact families. We’ll practice this will whole group work, in games and with manipulatives.
Phonics – We’ll be working on letter group reviews this week and on reviewing most common sight words. Your child will bring home a copy of list 1 which are the first 10 MCW (most common words) that he/she should have worked on in kindergarten. Many children would benefit from extra practice reading these words. We will continue to practice these words at school – with the unusual ending of last year we expect that many kids probably need more work on these. 
Reading– We will continue work on the routines of Reading Workshop as well as building our reading stamina with lots of practice. We’re practicing how to share our reading with a partner and setting goals to do more and more reading. I’ll continue reading with students this week to find good reading levels that I can start working with them on.
Writing – We are working on building stamina for more and more writing this week. Students are being challenged to write more than one sentence per page and to start to write with more details than they did in Kindergarten. We also are working on strategies for spelling unknown words. If your child is doing writing at home and asks you about a work they don’t know how to spell, you can encourage them to stretch the word out and listen for each of the sounds. 
Social Studies/Science – We will continue in our unit on social skills, friendship and growth mindset. We read a lot of picture books as part of this unit and have already had some great discussions. 
Dates to Note
  • Thursday, Sept 10: Math MAP test
  • September 21: GRCES Picture Day

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