A Peek at Week 5

Bible – This week we continue with stories of Jacob and Esau. Here are some focus points for this unit. Jacob’s wise and unwise choices were used by God to fulfill his promises to Abraham and Isaac. God made, kept, and fulfilled his promises just as he keeps his promises to us today.

Math – Our work this week will wrap up the first unit on number partners and fact families. We’ll continue practicing with whole group work, in games and with hands-on activities. Our second unit will build on the first, using addition and subtraction facts to solve story problems. We will complete a unit test at the end of the unit. This lets me know what I should continue working on with your child.

Phonics – We continue working on letter group reviews this week and on reviewing most common sight words. We are practicing how to hear the different sounds of the short vowels and writing simple words that use those vowel sounds.

Reading– We will continue work on the routines of Reading Workshop as well as building our reading stamina with lots of practice. We’re practicing how to read and share with a partner and to use our reading time well. Another focus will be on re-reading books to work on good reading expression and on retelling books that we’ve already read.

Writing – We are working on building stamina for more and more writing this week. Students are being challenged to write more than one sentence per page and to start to write with more details than they did in Kindergarten. This week we’ll be working on several strategies for how to spell words that you don’t know yet.

Social Studies/Science – We will continue in our unit on social skills for about one more week focusing on feelings, manners, friendship and growth mindset. We read a lot of picture books as part of this unit and have already had some great discussions.

Dates to Note:

September 21: GRCES Picture Day

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