A Peek at Week 6

Today I am giving thanks to God for…

  • A restful weekend with beautiful fall weather and fresh apples!
  • Students who are learning and growing every day!!!
  • Supportive school families who ask great questions!


Picture day TOMORROW! Our class’ pictures will be taken at 10:55. Virtual students are invited to come Monday or Tuesday between 11:30-12:30.

No school this Friday, September 25.

Water bottles: Please continue sending a filled water bottle to school with your child each day.

Birthdays We love celebrating birthdays and half-birthdays! If you would like to send something for your child to share on his/her birthday, it just needs to be to school 72 hours (3 days) in advance. Here are some ideas: stickers, pencils, or small erasers.


Bible, Devotions and Prayer – This week we’ll continue reading about Joseph.  Some focus points for this unit include: Joseph’s dreams indicated that he would one day rule over his family.  Through Joseph, God preserved his chosen people during a famine. God was with Joseph throughout his life. Joseph trusted God and believed in his promises.

Math – Our work in unit 2 this week will build on the first unit, using addition and subtraction facts to solve story problems. We also continue to work on number partners and fact fluency. We’ve begun meeting in small math groups so we’re learning how to work with partners, rules and routines for several games, and have just added an iPad/Osmo activity.

Phonics – We continue working on letter group reviews this week and on reviewing most common sight words. We are practicing how to hear the different sounds of the short vowels and writing simple words that use those vowel sounds.

Reading– We will continue work on the routines of Reading Workshop and how to work with a partner. We’ll practice think-pair-share, how to read to our partners and how to help our partners when they are stuck on a word.

Writing – We will be working on our Small Moments narrative writing unit. The focus of this unit is to write about real events that have happened to us or things that we have done – personal experiences. We’ll be focusing on how to add more details to our writing and to our pictures. One of our first topics is on how to write about a SMALL moment and not try to tell everything that happened over a whole day, or over a whole trip.

Social Studies/Science – This week we begin our first Science unit which is called Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles. We’ll begin by gathering some information about where the sun is at different parts of the day and making some predictions together.

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