A Peek at Week 9

A Peek at Week 9

This week I am thankful for parents who are prayer partners! I am also grateful for beautiful fall weather and a relaxing weekend with my family!


Bible, Devotions, Prayer

This week we’ll start saying/learning the Lord’s prayer together. 

During Bible we continue reading about Moses.  Highlights from this unit include: God preserved the Israelites, delivered them from Egypt, taught them how to worship him, and brought them to the Promised Land. God took loving care of the Israelites. God had a plan to use Moses to deliver the people from slavery. God gave the Ten Commandments to direct people in their relationship with him and others.

Math – We continue working on addition and subtraction facts to solve story problems. This week we will focus on subtraction. 

Phonics – This week we continue working on practice with Most Common Words. We’ll also continue working on spelling L, R, and S blends in words.

Reading Workshop– This week our focus will be on background knowledge and understanding author’s purpose as we read a book about the life cycle of pumpkins. 

Writing Workshop – We continue focusing on writing SMALL moments.This week our focus is on how to bring our stories to life – to make them more interesting to read.

Social Studies/Science – This week we continue in Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles. We be looking at patterns of the sun’s movement and how shadows are created and how they change.  

Dates to Know

  • Wednesday- Friday, October 21-23: No school, Teacher Professional Development
  • Thursday, October 14 and Tuesday, October 20: Fall  Conferences via Zoom:  
  • Friday, October 16: Outdoor praise dance
  • October 26 Picture Retakes


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