A Peek at Week 15 & 16

Good evening! I’ll be praying for health and rest and a spirit of gratitude this Thanksgiving week! This has been quite a year so far and I’m so grateful for small bits of normal like being able to come to school each day. Your children are such a blessing to me and are a joy to teach! I look forward to a time when we can have all of you in the building too! We miss seeing parents!  Thank you for closely monitoring your children for symptoms and completing the health screening. We continue to pray for all of you who are in quarantine, sick, or caring for a friend or family member. We look forward to the day when we are all back together!!!!

COLD WEATHER RECESS NOTE: It’s that time of year…The weather is getting colder and winter is on its way!  Please send your kids with warm coats, hats and gloves so that they can have fun playing outside.  We do not stay inside unless temps are extremely cold (below 0).  Thanks!

Dates to Note:

  • Wednesday, November 25-Friday, November 27 – No School – Thanksgiving Break
  • November 30 – No School (K-8) – Teacher work day
  • December 1 – Virtual Expedition Kindergarten
  • December 21-Jan 3 – Christmas Break

BibleThis week we will read the stories of Samuel.  Our focus will be on: God kept his promise to the Israelites even though they were unfaithful and rejected his rule by requesting a king. At God’s direction, Samuel anointed first Saul and later David to be Israel’s first two kings. Saul did not trust or obey God’s commands, and the kingdom was taken from him. 

Math – Our focus will be on addition and subtraction problems that have an unknown partner instead of an unknown total. We’ll be working on story problems and listening for key words to know when we know a total or when we’re being told a partner. First graders continue working on the goal of fluency for addition and subtraction facts within 10. Xtra math is a great and simple tool for your child to get extra practice with fluency. I emailed the login information to you (moms’ email addresses) and will send a paper sheet of info this week. 

PhonicsWe are working on phonetic skills which are tools to help kids know how to decode words in their reading. Skill 1 helps us read CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant) like b-a-t and CVCC words (like s-a-n-d) and shows kids that those words will always have short vowel sounds. We also continue to work on learning sight words – please keep practicing these at home.

Reading WorkshopOur focus this week is on schema, making connections and how this can understand how characters are feeling and why they are acting certain ways. We’ll be doing a mini-study of the book Balloons over Broadway. We’ll also be exploring non-fiction text features like captions, headings, table of contents, bold words, etc.

Writing Workshop: We continue our work of writing non-fiction books that teach facts about a topic that we are experts on.  We’re working on some ways to tell more about a topic – trying to answer questions that someone else might have, writing twin sentences, and using labels in pictures. 

Social Studies/Science – We continue working on “What is a Citizen?” This week we focus on rules and what makes them fair or unfair. We’ll also be talking about rights and responsibilities and consequences. Our focus the following week will be on whether there are times when it’s ok to break rules. We’ll talk about unfair and unjust laws and learn about some leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. who spoke out about unfair laws. 

Intervention Times

This information was in our beginning of the year packet but I wanted to remind you all that each day, the first grade teachers are supported by additional instructional staff to help us meet the individual needs of our students in reading and math. Your child might mention that he/she is working with Mrs. Henderson, Mrs. Van, Mrs. Rusticus, Mrs. Pifer, or Mrs. Holwerda. We work on individual skills in small groups and this is just one more way we work together to make sure the kids are growing! We are so thankful for our team!

Class Supplies: Now, I am collecting toilet paper tubes for a Christmas craft. Thanks for saving them! We are all set with paper towel tubes!

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