A Peek at Week 18

A Peek at Week 18

REMINDER 1: We have been SNOW-FREE this week but please remember to send boots to school with your child all winter. Our playground gets quite muddy! Also, watch the weather and make sure your child has appropriate clothing to play outside!

REMINDER 2: Your child should bring a gently used book wrapped in paper to exchange if he/she would like to participate in a class game on Friday.  Each child is invited to participate.  Look around at home for a gently used book that you think another first grader would enjoy. Wrap the book and bring it to school by Wednesday so we can have it ready to exchange on Friday.

Devotions and Prayer – This month we will focus on advent – waiting and getting our hearts ready for the real meaning and celebration of Christmas. Each day we read a story from the Bible and connect it to a symbol which goes on our Jesse tree. All of the stories point us to Jesus. 

Bible This week we will read the stories of Jesus’ birth as we prepare to celebrate Christmas next week.

Math – This week we’re doing a lot more practice with addition and subtraction story problems – reading them CAREFULLY and not just guessing if they are addition or subtraction. We’ll also take the end-of-unit test for unit 3.

PhonicsThis week we’ll continue working on review of skill 1 and 2 which indicate when a word will have a short vowel. We’ll also be learning how to tell when a word ends with c, k, or ck. 

Reading WorkshopWe’ll be using our reading time this week for Christmas stories and activities that continue to help us focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

WritingWe continue our work of writing non-fiction books that teach facts about a topic that we are experts on.  We’ll also may work on some Christmas cards during writing time.

Social Studies/ScienceThis week we’ll wrap up our Social Studies unit on Wants and Needs. We’ll work on producers-consumers, scarcity – choice and on trade and money. 

Class Supplies – I’m still collecting toilet paper tubes for a Christmas craft. Paper towel tubes will also help if you have those!

Christmas Party: We’re keeping things simple this year with our class Christmas party. Thanks to all of the parents who already signed up to send treats! If you can send those to school by Wednesday, that would be great!

Dates to Note:

  • Monday: PJs or comfortable clothes. Also a blanket or small pillow. (No stuffies this time!)
  • Wednesday: Wear red and green or Christmasy clothing (hats ok too)
  • Friday: Santa hats if you wish and Christmasy clothing- we will have our class party & Book exchange
  • Christmas Break: Monday, December 21-Jan 3
  • School resumes Monday, January 4, 2020 (sorry, I had the date wrong earlier)



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