A Note Regarding Headphones

Parents, GRCES provides a pair of headphones for each child to use each year. Because we are buying for hundreds of students, we obviously do not spend a lot of money on each pair. They are not always a great fit on all kids’ heads and some have asked about bringing a pair from home. This is completely optional!!!! Here are some guidelines from our tech people!

  1. We will always have headphones available for students here at school, so nobody needs to bring in their own.
  2. If you would like your child to bring in a pair of headphones, please keep it simple (no Bose, Beats, etc.). Please do not spend more than $20 on a set of headphones, and it needs to be wired (no Bluetooth) with a regular headphone (3.5 mm) plug on the end. A built-in mic can be useful, but is certainly not necessary.
  3. K-2 students should not use earbuds because they are not good for young ears AND get knotted up and break more easily. 3rd and 4th grade students can use earbuds, but over-the-ear headphones are often still better for them.
  4. If your child brings in their own headphones, please plan on leaving the headphones at school for the whole year…and understand that students are hard on these kinds of peripherals, so it might break.
  5. Please label the headphones with your child’s name. They will usually be kept with the other students’ headphones in a container, not in your child’s desk.
Here are a couple of ideas for guidance:

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