Report Card Note

January 22, 2021

Dear Iroquois Parents and Friends,

Your child’s Report Card for the first half of the school year is available, Friday January 22, on ParentVUE. A paper copy will also be sent home with your child either today or next week Tuesday, January 26.  This report card informs you of the progress and growth your child has made in the various content/subject area skills and concepts taught during the first semester of school.  It also measures your child’s progress and growth in the areas of Learning in Community.  The report card  offers a glimpse into your child’s learning development.  The following information will help you interpret and understand the scales we use to mark the report card.

Scale for Content/Subject Areas:

 “1” means your child is beginning to understand the skill or concept taught this year, but may be having some difficulty understanding it fully or applying the skill and/or concept. 

 “2” means your child is developing in his or her understanding of the skill or concept taught this year.  The child is making good progress but is inconsistent in applying the skill independently.  

 “3” means your child is secure in his or her understanding of the skill or concept taught this year.  The child demonstrates an accurate, consistent understanding of the skill or concept and can apply it independently.

 “NE” means that the skill or concept has not been taught and/or assessed at this point in  the school year.  


Scale for Learning in Community:

“1” means that this is a challenging area for your child.

“2” means that your child is performing at expected level in this area.

        “3” means that this is an area of strength for your child.


Please take some time to review the report card with your child, ask questions, and also offer encouragement and support. Celebrate your child’s strengths, focus on progress and growth, and discuss areas that could use improvement.  As you know, each child is a unique image-bearer of God and has different gifts and needs.  Learning is a process, and we want to celebrate the unique development of each child as he or she grows spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

We are committed to working together and partnering with you  to help your child discover who he or she is becoming in Christ, and we welcome your questions, comments, concerns, and joys.  Thanks so much for sharing your child with us!

Your Partner in Christian Education,

John Barkel, Principal

Grand Rapids Christian Elementary School, Iroquois


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