Week 23

Coming up This Week
Wednesday: Feb. 3: 100th Day of school

Thursday, Feb. 4: 101st Day of School 

Devotions and Prayer – We do a mix of singing, prayers and sharing of requests, working on our memory verse and reading picture books and stories that help us learn more about God and how to be a part of growing his Kingdom on earth. 

Bible  This week we continue reading about David and how God chose him to be Israel’s second king. Our focus will be on: God kept his promise to the Israelites even though they were unfaithful and rejected his rule by requesting a king. At God’s direction, Samuel anointed first Saul and later David to be Israel’s first two kings. Saul did not trust or obey God’s commands, and the kingdom was taken from him.

Patterns of Power (Grammar)– Our focus this week is on noun/verb agreement – seeing how real authors make sure that nouns and verbs “are friends.”

Math – We continue working on place value – specifically the concept of tens and ones. Big objectives include: read, write and represent 2 digit numbers, compare two-digit numbers, add tens and ones, use strategies to add within 20, solve story problems.

Phonics – We will continue working on sight words, how to add endings to bossy-e words,  and will learn Phonetic rule 5 to know how to decode words with vowel pairs.

Reading Workshop– We continue working on a unit that focuses on characters and traits in fiction literature. This week our focus will be learning how to figure out how the characters are feeling and what they might be thinking. 

Writing – This week we continue with opinion books. We begin with examples of facts and opinions. We’ll also work on how to judge things fairly. We will be looking at some collections, picking our favorite item, and writing about our favorite one.

Social Studies/Science – We continue working on our light and sound unit this week. Here are some highlights of this unit: Sounds are made when something vibrates. Sounds can be loud or soft, and high or low. We use sound and light to communicate. A shadow is made when something blocks the light. 

Dates to Note:

Wednesday, FEB. 3– Day 100: All school pajama day. Kids can wear pajamas, slippers, robes or they can just wear comfy clothes if they don’t want to wear pjs.  No stuffed animals or blankets this time. 

Thursday, FEB. 4– DAY 101– We celebrate day 101 in first grade.  It is a 101 Dalmatian theme day so the children can come dressed in black and white if they would like to. Some kids like coming dressed like a dog. It will be a fun day of centers, treats, stories and crafts.

Thursday, Feb 11. Parent/Teacher conferences Via Zoom

Monday, FEB. 15-Valentine’s Day Celebration– Our class will be celebrating Valentine’s day on Monday, FEB 15.  Homemade cards and store-bought cards are great.  Store bought, individually wrapped candy/treats are allowed. I will send a separate blog post with class list names.  We will be making a bag in school that the kids will collect their valentines in.

Tuesday, Feb 16: Parent/Teacher conferences Via Zoom

Wednesday, Feb 17-Monday, Feb 22: No school: Teacher professional development and planning days

Remember to Check the Virtual Lost and Found: Please CLICK HERE to view photos of lost and found items. If you see something that belongs to your child, please email Laura at lszotko@grcs.org and the item will be sent home with your child. Feel free to call the office at 616.574.6500 to ask about missing items. 



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