Music in October

We have been hard at work in Music this month!

4th grade

We reviewed the names of the notes in the treble clef, and practiced with flashcards.  We are getting ready for recorders which are coming in a few weeks!

We also learned a Bolivian Folk dance.  Ask your 4th grader to show it to you!

3rd grade

We are working in a rhythm unit, clapping quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes and quarter rests.  We will begin our percussion unit in November, as we prepare for the Bill Vits concert with the Grand Rapids Symphony on November 16.

2nd grade

2nd graders created a map for the song Windy Weather, discovering that the song has 4 different phrases.  We can sing Windy Weather with solfeg and hand signs–ask your child to share this with you!

1st grade

1st graders reviewed the difference between steady beat and the rhythm of a song.  Ask your son or daughter to tap Clickety Clack for you!


Kindergarteners are finding the beat in many of our songs–Johnny Get Your Haircut, The Farmer in the Dell, and  My Feet Love the Rhythm of the Popcorn.  The K’s also sang a new song, Frog in the Meadow, for their classmates–it took some courage but many sang it on their own!

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