Recorders Rock!

We have been playing recorders for more than a week!  You have probably heard Hot Cross buns several times by now. Ask your son or daughter to play it for you if you haven’t!

Your student will have homework due each week for 6 weeks.  I will post a copy of the homework here.  Encourage your child to practice at least twice a week for 10 minutes, working on their homework assignment during that time, and record their minutes on the practice record.

Mrs. Rooy, Mr. Schultze’s classes – homework due on Mondays

Srta. Tucker, Mr.Koop’s classes – homework due on Tuesdays

Homework #1 – Due January 29/30

Recorder Homework #1 

Homework #2 – Due Feb. 5/6

Recorder Homework #2

I accept late homework, so encourage your son or daughter to turn it in even if they missed the deadline!

Thanks for partnering together to make this a productive learning experience!

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