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Welcome back!

It is awesome to see the students back at school!  Music classes begin tomorrow.

3rd and 4th graders will go up and down the ladder–ask them to share this chant with you!

2nd graders will be brainstorming what birds they know, and singing the beautiful song Bluebird, Bluebird, Through My Window.

1st Graders will be trying out some rhythms using popcorn and their feet!

K’s will find a train in the music room, as we sing Clickety, Clickety Clack.

We welcome Miss Hondorp to the music room again this year, and she and I will share teaching responsibilities with the Kindergarteners.

Thanks for sharing your students, as we make some merry music this year!

Recorders can be heard in the music room!

4th graders started recorders this week!  We are very excited –I am guessing many of you have heard Hot Cross Buns a few times at home.  If not, ask your child to play it for you.

Your child should being their recorder and folder to music class.  See below for more details that will be helpful for you and your student.  (This letter went home this week, but I will post it again.)

Recorder information 1st day-2f3rlam

Students will receive a homework assignment each week.  It is due the following week, and the due date will be noted.  Encourage your child to complete the assignment, practice the songs included at home, and mark their practice record.

Note that we do not always get through all of the songs in music in class.  I hope this will challenge them to learn new music on their own, but if it is frustrating they should just play the songs we have learned together.

Homework #1 2018-19sdy5u

Thanks for partnering with us as we begin!



Making Merry Music

It is good to be back in school, singing and playing games together again!  We have played some name games, learned GrandFriend’s Day music and our theme song,  All Things Bright and Beautiful.

3rd and 4th graders played xylophones, metallophones, and drums.

Ask your 4th grader about Minister’s Cat!

2nd graders became Kings and Queens for a day.

1st graders learned their classmates voices playing the Muffin Man game.

Kindergarteners played egg shakers and found some rhythm in My Feet Love the Rhythm of the Popcorn.

I am thankful for each child here at GRCES, and look forward to a year of making merry music together!


Recorder Karate begins next week!

The students have been working hard learning to play their recorders!  Our final homework assignment is due next week, and we begin testing for belts on Monday and Tuesday, March 12 and 13.

A detailed letter explaining Recorder Karate is going home this week.  I have a link to this information on my blog as well.  A couple of important items to note:

Students should continue to practice at home, even though they will not be turning in practice records and homework has ended.  They will prepare to test for their belts at school and at home.

Students must have their own recorder at school in order to test.

My Dad, Arv Wierda, comes in to assist with testing.  We test 100 students each week, so encourage your child to be patient, as sometimes they are prepared to play, but we run out of time.

Below are links to previous homework assignments and Recorder Karate information.  Thanks for supporting your child in this exciting endeavor!

Recorder Homework #3

Recorder Homework #4-2ful7o6

Recorder Homework #5-2ecw6fv

Recorder Karate parent letter is included in Homework #6.

Recorder Homework #6-1w7vimb

I am happy to answer any questions you might have–feel free to email me at



Recorders Rock!

We have been playing recorders for more than a week!  You have probably heard Hot Cross buns several times by now. Ask your son or daughter to play it for you if you haven’t!

Your student will have homework due each week for 6 weeks.  I will post a copy of the homework here.  Encourage your child to practice at least twice a week for 10 minutes, working on their homework assignment during that time, and record their minutes on the practice record.

Mrs. Rooy, Mr. Schultze’s classes – homework due on Mondays

Srta. Tucker, Mr.Koop’s classes – homework due on Tuesdays

Homework #1 – Due January 29/30

Recorder Homework #1 

Homework #2 – Due Feb. 5/6

Recorder Homework #2

I accept late homework, so encourage your son or daughter to turn it in even if they missed the deadline!

Thanks for partnering together to make this a productive learning experience!

Welcome to music!

I am so happy to be back in the music room, enjoying seeing familiar faces and meeting new students!  We are playing and singing name games, warming up our voices, and learning our theme song for the year.  Stay tuned for more updates!



Homework #1 and #2

We have been playing our recorders for almost a week!  You have probably heard Hot Cross Buns several times by now.  If not, ask your son or daughter to play it for you.

Due to the short week and Thanksgiving Break, I am attaching 2 homework assignments.

Homework #1 is due Tuesday, November 22.


Homework #2 is due Tuesday, November 29.


I accept late homework, so encourage your child to turn it in even if they have missed the deadline!

Note that we often don’t have time in class to learn every song in their homework together.  Encourage them to review songs we have learned, and to try and begin new songs —

  1. ta and titi the rhythm
  2. finger the notes
  3. play the song

Happy Thanksgiving!

4th graders–it’s almost time to play recorders!

The 4th graders are very excited to begin playing recorders on Tuesday, November 15!

You may bring your own recorder, or purchase one from Mrs. Vanderkamp.  Their is a link below to the order form.

Please note that all students are asked to turn in the order form, noting whether you are purchasing a recorder or bringing one from home.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Vanderkamp at

Order form–Schultze


Order form – Koop, Rooy, Tucker




Music in October

We have been hard at work in Music this month!

4th grade

We reviewed the names of the notes in the treble clef, and practiced with flashcards.  We are getting ready for recorders which are coming in a few weeks!

We also learned a Bolivian Folk dance.  Ask your 4th grader to show it to you!

3rd grade

We are working in a rhythm unit, clapping quarter notes, eighth notes, half notes and quarter rests.  We will begin our percussion unit in November, as we prepare for the Bill Vits concert with the Grand Rapids Symphony on November 16.

2nd grade

2nd graders created a map for the song Windy Weather, discovering that the song has 4 different phrases.  We can sing Windy Weather with solfeg and hand signs–ask your child to share this with you!

1st grade

1st graders reviewed the difference between steady beat and the rhythm of a song.  Ask your son or daughter to tap Clickety Clack for you!


Kindergarteners are finding the beat in many of our songs–Johnny Get Your Haircut, The Farmer in the Dell, and  My Feet Love the Rhythm of the Popcorn.  The K’s also sang a new song, Frog in the Meadow, for their classmates–it took some courage but many sang it on their own!