Our Week(s)

Hello all!

We are nearing the end of the school year! I hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful Memorial Day weekend. Here’s what you need to know for the last couple weeks of school.

Homework: We’re done with homework for the year! Wahoo!

Instrument Fitting: This week Wednesday, the band and orchestra teachers will be here from the middle school to help our 4th graders find an instrument that is a good fit for them. Thank you for turning in their top three forms!

Townsend Park: On Friday, we will be heading to Townsend Park for a fun day with the fourth grade class before they move on to the middle school. We will be grilling hot dogs for lunch. If your child does not like hot dogs, they are welcome to bring their own lunch. Please be sure your child comes to school with sunscreen on, and clothes appropriate for the weather and for running around!

Field Day: Field Day will be in the afternoon next Monday, June 3. Your child should come to school with sunscreen already on, and clothes appropriate for the weather and running around.

Final Chapel: Next Friday, June 7th is our last day of school. The chapel is put on by the fourth graders and is really special. All are welcome. Chapel begins at 8:25 in the gym.

Message from PTO: The PTO invites you to get involved for 2019-2020 school year!  There are currently 2-3 open positions, including vice-chair, as well as many committees and other volunteer opportunities to fill.  Please contact Kelli Van Drunen (kjwiggs@msn.com) or René Sherman (rsherman04@gmail.com) if interested or with any questions.

Thank you for sharing your awesome children with me this year!


Our Week

Happy Sunday! It is hard to believe we are about to head into the final full week of school. It has been such a great year and I am looking forward to these next few weeks! We have a lot happening as we wrap up fourth grade, so here are the important details for you.

Travel Through the USA – This week Thursday (May 23) from 1-3 you are invited to enjoy the state projects, wax museum presentations, and recorder concert that your child has been working on. The afternoon will start in the gym to see the projects and then transition upstairs to the wax museum and back down for the concert. It will be a great afternoon! Please have the projects turned in and outfits at school by Wednesday (dress rehearsal day). Mrs. VanderKamp has also requested that each student bring a pair of sunglasses as an accessory during the recorder concert!

Kroc Center – This week Friday (May 24), the 3rd and 4th grade will be going to the Kroc Center. Students should take a bathing suit and towel to school. They may take goggles, but no pool toys. We will be taking buses and will be gone from 11:55-2:30. They may order hot lunch, it will be served early for us. Parents are welcome to join, you can choose to swim or sit on the side and talk with the other parents who are chaperoning. Let me know if you plan to join!

Townsend Park – Next Friday (May 31), the 4th graders will head to Townsend Park for a day of fun as we approach the end of elementary school! We will be gone from 10:45am-2:30pm. I am still in need of parents to join us as drivers. If you’re willing and able to join, please let me know!

4th Grade Chapel – On our last day of school, Friday, June 7, the 4th graders will have a special part in chapel. Please join us if you are able!

Fourth Grade Showcase Day and Upcoming Field Trips

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend! It finally feels like spring in Michigan and the warmer weather signals that summer is coming! We have some exciting days planned in 4th grade and we’re going to need your help with some of them! Here are some important dates and opportunities for you to join in on some fourth grade fun!

  • Townsend Park: May 31 – We need several parent volunteers to drive/chaperone/lead games. Please email me if you are willing to be a driver. Thank you so much to those of you that have already volunteered! We couldn’t do it without you!
  • 4th Grade Showcase Day: 
    • Artifacts: Most students are started on their artifact project at home. That’s great! Remember, please keep the project to 12 x 18 inches or smaller. We have 103 fourth graders with projects to display, and need room for all of them!
    • Costume: Students can begin thinking of a costume they will wear for the V.I.P. wax museum. PLEASE, do not spend a lot of money on a costume. We love it when students use what they already have at home or shop the thrift stores to put together a costume. I also have a couple of boxes of costumes, and may have something that will work for your child if needed.
    • Speeches: Students will bring home a copy of their speech and they should be practicing! The goal is to have it memorized 🙂
  • For the calendar…
    • MAP tests: Please make sure your child gets a good night of sleep the night before and a good breakfast the morning of the MAP tests so that they are able to do their best and show what they know!
      • Thursday, May 9
      • Friday, May 10
    • IMAX Field Trip: May 7: Parents will be welcome to join us at the Township Park after the movie (at 12:00 p.m.) for lunch.
    • 4th Grade Travel Through the USA Showcase: May 23 (artifacts must be turned in by May 22!)
    • Kroc Center Field Trip: May 24
    • Townsend Park: May 31
    • Field Day: June 3
    • Last 1/2 day: June 7

Our Week

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and we as happy as I was to see green grass on Sunday morning instead of the snow we were supposed to get! We are working hard in fourth grade and I’m looking forward to another great week. We have a special opportunity this week – Hannah Van Allen is our star student and for the past couple years, Hannah has coordinated a class fundraiser (every year since first grade).  She has brought in a jar to collect spare change and the charity she has chosen to support this year is Mel Trotter Mission. We will keep the jar for this week and next, so feel free to send in some spare change with your child if you would like to contribute to Hannah’s fundraiser!

Our Learning: 

Bible: We continue to learn the stories of David’s reign as king of Israel.

Math: We are working on geometry skills. This week we will be measuring angles with a protractor and learning to identify different types of triangles.

Reading: We continue to learn about reading historical fiction books by learning about the time in history and how that impacts the story. We are enjoying reading historical fiction books in the classroom as well as in our Calvin Book Clubs.

Writing: We are strengthening our ability to identify theme within a story in order to move forward with writing our literary essays.

Science: We are starting our last science rotation – the class will learn from Sra. Ambrose this unit!

Kids Have Rights

Good morning!

We have teachers from the Children’s Advocacy Center of Kent County coming next week to do a Kids Have Rights presentation for us. Your child will be coming home with a paper outlining what will be covered in the presentation and letting you know what will be coming home in the next few weeks to reinforce it. If after reading the letter you would like for your child to be excluded, please email me and Mr. K.

Our Week

Happy (snowy) Monday – I could not believe how much snow fell yesterday! I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.

We are geared up for another great week! The class is working hard on understanding decimals, learning through reading historical fiction, thinking about theme and preparing to write literary essays. This week we will pause or Old Testament Bible lessons to spend time focusing on the last week of Jesus’ life on earth and the events leading up to Easter. It is such a privilege to be able to study these stories in school and I love reflecting on the gift of salvation through Jesus with the class.

As we look ahead, 4th grade has some exciting days planned! Here are some important upcoming dates for you to be aware of with more details coming as they get closer.

April 19: GR Symphony: 11:05-11:35 (at school)
April 30: Middle School Visit @ 10 AM
May 7: IMAX Field Trip
May 23: Fourth grade big day! Travel through the USA, living wax museum, recorder concert (1-3pm)
May 29: Cyndi Betts coming to help students try out instruments
May 31: Townsend Park Field Trip
May 24: Kroc Center Field Trip
June 3: Field Day

A paper will be coming home explaining the last portion of our Travel Through the USA project that will be completed at home. Here is a PDF of it in case the paper gets lost along the way!

Our Week

Good evening!

I hope you are all enjoying the longer days as much as I am! This is an exciting week as we prepare for the Spring Program on Tuesday night. The 3rd and 4th graders have worked so hard and are eager to share what they have been practicing.

SPECIAL DAY: The class earned a special day by successfully completing a “secret mission”. We talked about showing gratitude through words and actions and anytime a teacher noticed our class being grateful and commented on it, they earned brownie points. They are developing the habit and teachers are noticing! We will celebrate on Wednesday by enjoying a PJ day. They voted to do PJ day along with the ability to bring a stuffed animal and blanket again to make a fort for reading.

Our Learning: 

Math: We will be wrapping up our first fraction skills unit and start a new unit also focused on fractions, but covering new skills.

Reading: We will be wrapping up our unit on interpreting and analyzing literature by thinking about the lessons our characters have learned and learning along side of them and then will move on to a historical fiction reading unit. This unit will be taught by me and through book clubs lead by education students from Calvin College.

Writing: We will be working on writing the speech that we will share for our upcoming VIP wax museum. We talked last week about writing a hook to engage the listener and are working on making sure our speeches are succinct and include all necessary information.

Bible: We are learning about the transfer of kingship of Israel from Saul to David.

Science: The students continue to rotate through classrooms and are learning from Srta. Carlson this unit!

Upcoming Dates: 

March 20: Who Hair Day
March 27: Funky Feet Day
March 29: No School – Spring Break begins
May 7: Field Trip to the IMAX: Parents will be welcome to join us at the Township Park for lunch after the film.
May 23: Fourth Grade “Showcase Day” – Travel through the USA, living wax museum and recorder concert: 1:00-3:00
May 31: Class trip to Townsend Park (MANY parent volunteers will be needed. More details to come)

Our Week

Good morning!

I hope you all enjoyed a restful weekend and are ready for another short week of school. Just a reminder – Friday students still have off for winter break, but Monday we will be in school!

  • Nature Center Field Trip! On Thursday, the 28th, we will be spending the day at the Wege/Wittenbach Environmental Center in Lowell. Students will learn all about animal adaptations and go for either a walk or a snowshoe through the woods, depending on the weather. We need a few parent chaperones. Parents are welcome to either meet us at the center or ride the bus with us. Please let me know if you are available and willing to come along!

Our Learning: 

Bible: We will be wrapping up our unit on Samuel and beginning a new unit on the reign of King Saul.

Math: We will be reviewing the skills we have learned in unit four and will take the final assessment later this week.

Reading: We will continue to analyze our reading by comparing themes in our books. We will notice when characters are different, but bring the same theme/message and we will compare/contrast ourselves and our characters.

Writing: We will continue our VIP research and work on writing strong paragraphs about different areas of our VIPs lives.