Práctica y Juegos / Practice & Games

Check out the following sites to practice your Spanish and play games!


This site reads Spanish stories and gives activities that goes along with the story. (1st/2nd grade)

Practice the shapes in Spanish with these games.  (1st/2nd grade)

Practice Spanish numbers 1-10 here.  (1st/2nd grade)

Practice colors in Spanish.

Lots of Spanish games and activities.

Hangman in Spanish that practices countries. (3rd/4th grade)

Hangman in Spanish that practices months/seasons. (3rd/4th grade)

Learn the parts of the face in Spanish by dragging them where they belong.

Go the the “vocabulary” section of this website to practice words from a specific topic.

Read stories with Clifford.   Click on “Read in Spanish” to listen and interact with the book.


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