May 19 Update_5th Grade


We’re headed to the Whitecaps game on Wednesday. We plan to leave for the game around 10 am and will return once the game is over. If you’ve signed up to chaperone, look for an email coming from me on Monday or Tuesday with driving details. All tickets include a hot dog and a drink. Students are welcome to bring additional money for snacks or food at the game. I typically try to encourage the students to think about sunscreen or a hat; being outside all day (even when it is cloudy) can create a perfect situation for some early-summer sun burn. Let me know if you have any questions about the game.

NWEA Maps Tests

Students will finish up their final Maps test (Language Usage) of the year tomorrow afternoon. These tests give one point of data to see about students’ growth and progress throughout the year. Test results will likely be communicated in end-of-the-year materials to parents.

Passage Hike Notes

Please refer to the email I sent out last week about our Passage Hike surprise notes from parents. These notes can be handed in anytime in the next two weeks. Please feel free to email them to me (I can print them out) or drop them off to Mrs. Radius in the office. We’re looking forward to this special hike and reflection day, and encouraging notes from parents are often a highlight of the day!


  • Students have a final Bible test of the year on Thursday morning. They received a study guide in class last week.
  • Know God groups will take place on Tuesday of this week. Students should have their books and are aware of what reading/writing they need to complete prior to the group discussions.
  • Science study guides and books are due on Wednesday of this week. The boy/girl talk on the reproductive system will happen on Friday afternoon. Mr. Knol will be meeting with the boys. Liz Phelps and I will be meeting with the girls.
  • The next DLR quiz will take place on Tuesday, May 28. Students will have a science test on the final week of school; they’ll be provided with a study guide and information prior to the test.

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday, May 22: Whitecaps Game
  • Monday, May 27: No School (Memorial Day)
  • May 29-31: Three Days in the Woods: Spring Edition @Camp Roger
  • Wednesday, June 5: Passage Hike
  • Friday, June 7: Last Day of School (1/2 Day)

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