6th Grade Update_May 12

  • We’re wrapping up our book club discussions tomorrow in class. The students will be preparing for an assessment over finding and supporting themes in writing over the next few days. The students will take this assessment on Thursday in class. 
  • The students will take a Daily Language Review quiz on Wednesday of this week.
  • The students should continue reading each evening at home. One of the best ways to continue to grow as a reader is to spend time reading! I’m hoping to have some summer reading suggestions to send home with students prior to the end of the school year.

6th Grade Update_April 26

  • The 6th graders have a Daily Language Review quiz next Thursday (May 2).
  • The students are working on book clubs–looking specifically at themes and characters in stories. Discussions are taking place in class on Mondays and Wednesdays. They need to bring books to class each day. Generally speaking, they’ve been really excited about the books and discussions. As we head towards June, these will be our last major book club discussions of the school year.

6th Grade Update (April 14)

  • We’ll be launching back into Daily Language Review and all the regular items of our language arts class this week.
  • Students need to bring completed “Pop Bottle Person” projects to class tomorrow. These projects were assigned a month ago, and the students spent time working on the projects during the week prior to Spring Break. If they’re not already done, students should put finishing touches on their projects and bring them to school–ready to present–tomorrow.

6th Grade Update (March 8)

  • Students have been working hard on their Joyful Noise poem performances. Poems need to be memorized by Monday, March 11. Final performances will take place in the Worship Center from 2:40-3:00 on Wednesday, March 20; parents/family members are invited to join us for the final presentations.
  • The students have a Daily Language Review quiz on Wednesday, March 13.
  • We’re continuing to encourage the students to read at least twenty minutes each evening at home. One reading opportunity that all the 6th graders signed up for is a voluntary reading of the New Testament through the Immerse Bible reading experience. Students can read or listen (or both). The students should have this information, but a free audio of the book is available online here: http://immersebible.com/messiah/ or through the podcast app on a phone (search “Immerse: Messiah”). Students are completing Day 6-10 of the reading before lunchtime discussions this Thursday.

6th Grade Update (January 25)

Your child received an adapted calendar of upcoming class period expectations and due dates for the change-maker informational booklet writing project.

  • Final rough draft (entire booklet) is due in class on Monday, February 4.

Your child has received information about all the specific requirements for each section of the booklet. I’ve been encouraging them that it will be important to continue to look back at the requirements to make sure everything has been covered. If your child has major questions about the project, he or she should be sure to touch base with me during class; I’m happy to help! 

6th Grade Update (January 20)

  • Due to the two snow/ice days last week, there have been some slight changes in the due dates for the students’ Change-Maker (informational writing) booklets. I’ll be sharing these dates with the students this week. At this point, I’m planning on final booklets being submitted in class on Wednesday, January 30.
  • The students will received graded DLR quizzes in class on Monday. The next DLR quiz is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, January 30.
  • Students are encouraged to continue reading each evening at home. If anyone needs suggestions of books to check out at the library, I’d be happy to help!

6th Grade Update (January 11)

  • The students have a Daily Language Review in class on Tuesday.
  • The students are continuing work on their change-maker informational booklets. They’ve been doing a great job working hard in class and revising their work. Rough drafts (of the middle chapters only) are due on Wednesday, January 16. Final booklets are due on Tuesday, January 29Students will continue to have time to work in class; additionally, they will need to plan on doing some work outside of class as well. 
  • Students should be reading at least 20 minutes each evening at home.

January 7_6th Grade Update

  • The students are continuing work researching and writing for their informational booklets. Look for due dates coming later this week; there will be several check-in days throughout the next few weeks. Final booklets won’t be due until the middle/end of January. This writing piece is one of the largest projects that they’ll work on this year. While there will be plenty of time to work in class, students will be expected to spend additional time at home as well.
  • Daily Language Review (DLR) picks back up this week. The next DLR quiz will take place on Tuesday, January 15.
  • Students should continue reading at home (at least twenty minutes each evening). One of the easiest ways to improve reading skills is to spend time reading!

6th Grade Update (December 2)

  • The students have a Daily Language Review quiz on Wednesday of this week.
  • They should be reading at least twenty minutes each evening at home. Mr. Phil has a fun challenge for them to add the names of the books they’ve finished to a wall in the classroom. There are quite a few books the students have read so far this year!
  • Students received grades on the digital book reports last week; these are also up to date on Parent View.
  • We began our next unit in literacy. The students will be working on informational reading and writing skills; they’ll be learning about and researching different people who have made a positive impact in the world. This month we’ll be focusing on some different research related skills in our reading. The final project for this unit is a big research paper in the format of a booklet. I’ll be sure to keep you informed on due dates as they arise. (The final product will not be due until sometime during the month of January, but there will be various due dates along the way.)