1st Grade Homework

Dear Families,

Each day your student works hard to become a better reader, writer, and mathematician. They explore, write, build, sing, create and socialize – it is a long day. When students arrive home, we do not want them or their families burdened with hours of extra work. Extra-curricular activities and family time are important. Additionally, students need the opportunity to explore, play, and be little!

Research shows that developing fine and gross motor skills, building imaginative thinking skills, and fostering a sense of creativity are critically important skills for young learners. Additionally, these ‘non-academic’ skills build a strong foundation for the learning that happens inside our classroom.

For homework, we ask only that you spend time each night reading with your child. Based on the research by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the website  Homework Help Secrets indicates, “Reading is the single most important skill necessary for a happy, productive and successful life. A child that is an excellent reader is a confident child, has a high level of self esteem and is able to easily make the transition from learning to read to reading to learn.” 

Each night that you read with your child, have him/her color in one shape on that month’s reading log. These reading logs should be kept in a safe, visible location at home. On the back of your child’s reading log, we have attached an OPTIONAL choice board. These choice boards are suggestions of activities that will help your child build fine and gross motor skills, creativity, and imaginative skills. As students complete an activity, they may color that square in. Reading logs and calendars should be returned to school at the end of the month. We appreciate your support as we explore a new avenue for monthly homework. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

We are also sending a Bible memory sheet home which is can be a fun way to practice the scripture we are learning together that month. Each time your child reads or says the verse, he/she can color in one part of the picture. We’ll also practice the verse together at school.

Thank you! The First Grade Teachers

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