A Peek at Week 26


Devotions and Prayer – This week we will start our Lent and Easter devotions – focusing on the last 40 days of Jesus’ life. Later in Lent, we’ll be reading about different symbols and collecting them in eggs to create a set of “Resurrection Eggs.” 

Bible – This week we continue reading about David and how God chose him to be Israel’s second king. Our focus will be: At God’s direction, Samuel anointed first Saul and later David to be Israel’s first two kings. Saul did not trust or obey God’s commands, and the kingdom was taken from him. We will also talk about the stability of David’s faith throughout his life. 

Patterns of Power – Our focus this week is on adjectives – seeing how real authors use them in their writing to make it better. 

Writing Workshop -We continue writing opinions.  We are working on writing a hook to get the reader interested and how to end our pieces. We’ll also be thinking about how to respond to other people’s opinions. We will be talking about how to write reviews of common things we use in our lives, setting a good foundation for persuasive writing.


Math – We continue working on place value and will be working with teen numbers. We’ll work on addition strategies and will keep practicing our addition and subtraction facts through 20. One thing that you can practice with your child at home is counting from one decade number into the next. Here’s an example… 27, 28, 29, _____. Knowing which decade number comes next is going to be very helpful in this unit. 

Phonics – This week we’ll be working on MCW lists. We’ll also be working on words with vowel pairs. You may remember learning the saying, “when two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.” We’ll learn how to prove words that follow this pattern.

Reading Workshop– This week we’ll be working on putting facts together from some different penguin texts we’ll be studying as part of our inferring unit. To follow up – students will be writing mini-information books to conclude this part of our reading unit. 

Social Studies/Science -We continue our unit on geography and how to learn about places. We will explore themes of location, place, region, and human/environment interaction. We will use a variety of tools (Google Earth being one of them!) to learn familiar and new vocabulary: maps, globes, compass rose, aerial perspective, absolute and relative location. We will also try our hand at addressing envelopes for our mail carrier to read!  Later in the unit, we will discuss and explore how often we interact with God’s creation and how we modify or adapt to our environment.

Dates to Note:

  • Tuesday, February 25: Parent/teacher conferences, 4:30-8:00 PM
  • Thursday, February 27: Post Office Field Trip: I’m planning on Lena Clemo, Sarah Kelso and Laura Huisman for this trip.
  • Friday, February 28: Mrs. Kingma gone, Mrs. Cheryl Bootsma will teach for me
  • Tuesday, March 3: Parent/teacher conferences, 4:30-8:00 PM
  • Wednesday, March 11: Irish Dance presentation by Scoil Rince Ni Bhraonain
  • Wacky Wednesdays in March – watch for more information coming soon


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