A Peek at the week of March 9

A Peek at Week 28


Devotions and Prayer: This week we will do Lent and Easter devotions  – reading some parables and stories that Jesus told people during his life.a

Reading Workshop– This week we’ll be working with some fiction and non-fiction texts on the skill of determining importance. Here’s a nice description of this skill:

*Young children tend to think that everything is important! They are learning information for the first time, and all of it is equally fascinating. They lack the years of experience that helps adults tune out the little details and focus on the big ideas. We don’t want to squash children’s curiosity and wonder, but we also know they can’t read effectively if they try to hold everything equally in their minds. So our task is to teach children to recognize the big ideas and to organize their thinking around them, while we still encourage the joy and creativity involved in unusual and tangential thinking.*

Patterns of Power – This week we will work on identifying singular and plural nouns. We learned last week that nouns and verbs have to agree with each other, so we will continue to look at that this week. We will read some sentences in/out of context to identify these grammar rules. 

Writing Workshop -We continue writing opinions.  This week we begin working on writing reviews of books! Last week I introduced a revising checklist for their writing, and we will continue to work on making our opinion writing more inviting and convincing!

Social Studies/Science -We continue our unit on geography and how to learn about places. We will explore themes of location, place, region, and human/environment interaction. We will use a variety of tools (Google Earth being one of them!) to learn familiar and new vocabulary: maps, globes, compass rose, aerial perspective, absolute and relative location. We will also try our hand at addressing envelopes for our mail carrier to read!  Later in the unit, we will discuss and explore how often we interact with God’s creation and how we modify or adapt to our environment.


Bible – This week we continue reading about David and how God chose him to be Israel’s second king. Some highlights of this unit: David became an important part of God’s special family—a forerunner to Jesus, the King. God was with David throughout his life and protected him from harm. God kept his promise to make David king over Israel and give him a kingdom that would last forever.  

BIBLE – EASTER FOCUS: Near the end of the week, we’ll take a break from our stories of the Kings of Israel to read stories from Jesus’ life that focus on the time around Good Friday and Easter. Each day, after reading part of a Bible story, students will guess the symbol that represents the story and collect them in eggs to create a set of “Resurrection Eggs.” These will come home on the Thursday before Spring Break. It will be great if you can share them together as a family!

Math – We continue working on place value and will be working with teen numbers. We’ll work on addition strategies and will keep practicing our addition and subtraction facts through 10. One thing that you can practice with your child at home is counting from one decade number into the next. Here’s an example… 27, 28, 29, _____. Knowing which decade number comes next is going to be very helpful in this unit.  Also – counting backwards is another great thing to practice!

Phonics – This week we’ll be working on the spelling patterns of -gh, -igh, and -ight as well as the many jobs of the letter Y.

READING FOR KAKUMA  – On Friday, our school was challenged to help raise money to buy books for the Kakuma Refugee Camp Library. The Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya opened in 1992 to accommodate the 23,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan.”  Since then, its population has risen to 185,500 registered refugees and asylum seekers from more than 20 different countries.

This service project is meaningful to GRCS because  Mr. Simon Luk the father of one of our former students, Isaiah Luk (currently at GRCMS), grew up in the camp.  He and other people from the camp who now live in the US are passionate about supporting the library and we will be working towards helping them buy books.

We will help them purchase books by having a read-a-thon during the month of March.  If you choose to participate, your child can ask for pledges either by minutes read or a lump sum and keep track of their reading/or being read to, on the student reading log.  The pledge form and the reading log are coming home today in folders. Each week, please cut off and return that week’s minutes read.

Whether you collect pledges or not, please keep reading to your child this month! Thanks so much for your help!

Dates to Note:

  • WILD WEDNESDAY: March 11:  Clash Day (wear mismatched clothes) or WEAR GREEN!
  • Wednesday, March 11: Irish Dance presentation by Scoil Rince Ni Bhraonain
  • WILD WEDNESDAY: March 18:  Team Day (wear Eagle gear or your favorite team jersey)
  • March 20– Lollipops Concert, Peter Rabbit (no chaperones needed)
  • March 24– K-2 Spring Music Program (see notes below)
  • WILD WEDNESDAY: March 25:  Shades Day (bring your favorite sunglasses for reading!)
  • March 30– Circle Theatre Show (no chaperones needed)
  • April 3-12 Spring Break


SPRING PROGRAM *** Our K-2 Spring Program is March 24 at 7:00 pm at our Grand Rapids Christian High School’s Center for Arts and Worship- 2300 Plymouth Ave.  Students should arrive between 6:30-6:45 dressed in their best attire. Kindergartners will meet in the Choir room, 1st graders in the Orchestra room, and 2nd graders in the Band room.  There will be signs indicating where these rooms are located. We are looking forward to seeing you there! It will be a night you will not want to miss!**



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