A Peek at the Week: April 19

Devotions and Prayer – This week we will read a variety of picture books that help us grow in our understanding of who God is and how to care for his people and his creation. We’ll celebrate Earth Day together on Thursday.

BibleThis week we will finish the stories of Daniel and will begin reading about Esther.
✼  God blessed Daniel and his friends as they served foreign kings.
✼  Daniel and Esther chose to obey God above all earthly rulers.
✼  God worked through Daniel and Esther to influence kings and nations.
✼  God continues to work through people today to accomplish his plans. 

Patterns of Power (Grammar) – Our focus this week is on adjectives. We will be learning from the book, Me….Jane.

Writing Workshop -This week we begin our fourth writing unit: realistic fiction.  Students will be working on creating characters, settings and a story line.

Math – We will continue Unit 6 this week which is focused on sorting things into categories, totaling groups and then comparing numbers. In this unit, we will do a lot of work with story problems and making models of our solutions.

Phonics – This week, we’ll continue learning how to decode multi-syllable words. 

Reading Workshop– This week we’ll be working with some fiction and non-fiction texts on the skill of determining importance. Here’s a nice description of this skill:

*Young children tend to think that everything is important! They are learning information for the first time, and all of it is equally fascinating. They lack the years of experience that helps adults tune out the little details and focus on the big ideas. We don’t want to squash children’s curiosity and wonder, but we also know they can’t read effectively if they try to hold everything equally in their minds. So our task is to teach children to recognize the big ideas and to organize their thinking around them, while we still encourage the joy and creativity involved in unusual and tangential thinking.

Social Studies/Science – This week we continue our science unit on plant and animal traits. This unit includes observation of some live animals which will be joining our classroom. Here are focus points of our unit:

  • Plants and animals have different parts of traits that they use in different ways to see, hear, grasp objects, protect themselves, get food, take in water, and move
  • Scientists and engineers design products by applying knowledge of how plants and animals use their structures to survive. Engineers mimic plant and animal structures to solve human problems.
  • Adult plants and animals have young. Some young resemble their parents at birth, and other young go through changes before they resemble their parents.
  • Parents and their babies have traits and behaviours that help the young survive and grow.

Dates to Note:

  • Wednesday, April 21: 8:30 AM, Reading MAP test
  • Thursday, April 29: 10:30, Math MAP test
  • Friday, April 30 – Zoo field trip
  • Wednesday, May 26 – End of year Camp Roger Field Trip
  • Thursday, May 27: Last day of school (½ day)

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