Homework 4,5,6

We are beginning to test for belts with recorder – the students are excited and I am looking forward to hearing them play individually!  They will be working through Seesaw assignments at home to test–I hope you have downloaded SeeSaw on a home device so your child is ready to go!  See Homework #5 (attached) if you have questions about this – feel free to email if you have issues.

Below are links to the final 3 homework assignments:

All homework is due on Wednesday, April 21

Recorder Homework #4 2021

Homework #5

Recorder homework #6 2021

Recorders: Homework #2 and #3

We have been listening to different recordings of the songs we are learning at school, and fingering along.  The fun of actually playing the recorder should be happening at home!  We are not recording ourselves or earning belts yet – more information is coming about this at the end of March.

Here is the link for Homework #2 and #3.  Homework #3 is due the week of March 8.

Recorder Homework #2

Recorder Homework #3

Below are links to a couple of the songs we are playing, if the students would like to play along.  Feel free to connect with me if you have any questions!


Gently Sleep


Merrily We Roll Along

Homework #1

The students are very excited about playing recorder!  You should be hearing Hot Cross Buns and Merrily We Roll Along at your house!

Please listen to their tone, and if you hear squeaking, work with your child.  Since I am not hearing them play at school, this is vital to their success.

–Remind them to blow with very little air, as if they are fogging up a window.

–Squeaks are also caused by not covering the holes completely.  Check to see if their fingers are completely covering the holes.

Homework #1 is attached.  It is due the week of February 15 for some students, others are due after the break.  The due date is noted on their homework.

Thanks for your support!  Feel free to email with questions lvanderkamp@grcs.org

Recorder Homework #1

Recorders are coming in 4th grade 2021!

4th grade will begin playing recorders in music class the week of February 8!

Order forms were sent home  this week, and are due Wednesday, February 3.  (See below to print a form.) Please turn in your order form,  whether or not you are ordering a new recorder.

Students are welcome to use a recorder from home, or may order a new one for 5.00.

Covid restrictions will be important – see more information on the attached form.  Feel free to check in if you have questions!


Recorder order form 2021


Recorder Homework #1

The 4th graders are merrily playing Hot Cross Buns – you have probably heard this at home by now.  If not, ask your child to play it for you!

Detailed information went home regarding recorders this week – check your child’s recorder folder you haven’t had a chance to read it.

Homework is due every:

Monday – Silvey, Ambrose

Tuesday – Pluymert, Asfour

Below is the link to Homework #1, if you need a copy.

Homework #1 2018-19sdy5u

Recorders Rock!

4th grade will begin playing recorders in music class in 2 weeks!

Order forms were sent home early this week, and are due Friday, January 10.  

Students are welcome to use a recorder from home, or may order a new one for 5.00.

Please turn in your order form by the end of the week,  whether or not you are ordering a new recorder.

recorder order form 20120 copy



Welcome back!

It is awesome to see the students back at school!  Music classes begin tomorrow.

3rd and 4th graders will go up and down the ladder–ask them to share this chant with you!

2nd graders will be brainstorming what birds they know, and singing the beautiful song Bluebird, Bluebird, Through My Window.

1st Graders will be trying out some rhythms using popcorn and their feet!

K’s will find a train in the music room, as we sing Clickety, Clickety Clack.

We welcome Miss Hondorp to the music room again this year, and she and I will share teaching responsibilities with the Kindergarteners.

Thanks for sharing your students, as we make some merry music this year!

Recorders can be heard in the music room!

4th graders started recorders this week!  We are very excited –I am guessing many of you have heard Hot Cross Buns a few times at home.  If not, ask your child to play it for you.

Your child should being their recorder and folder to music class.  See below for more details that will be helpful for you and your student.  (This letter went home this week, but I will post it again.)

Recorder information 1st day-2f3rlam

Students will receive a homework assignment each week.  It is due the following week, and the due date will be noted.  Encourage your child to complete the assignment, practice the songs included at home, and mark their practice record.

Note that we do not always get through all of the songs in music in class.  I hope this will challenge them to learn new music on their own, but if it is frustrating they should just play the songs we have learned together.

Homework #1 2018-19sdy5u

Thanks for partnering with us as we begin!



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