8th Grade

Manifest Destiny: Thanks to Mrs. Snow for finding these links.
New Perspectives on the West (PBS) Episode 2 1846-1848:

  • Includes images (primary sources and documents)
  • Includes Texas, War with Mexico (1846), Oregon Treaty (1846), Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (1848)
  1. People: Specific information on individuals (i.e. President Polk, Wild Bill Cody)
  2. Events: Interactive time line. U.S.-Mexican War (PBS)
  3. Documents: Resources

Manifest Destiny articles by noted experts in the field of History from different Colleges and Universities.

  • For Example, An Ideal or a Justification?
  • A Conversation With David M. Pletcher (Indiana University)
  • Manifest Destiny (PBS) Videos (Site Resources –Video Clip Library): Watch the Video clip Manifest Destiny and American Continental Expansion *There are many videos on Manifest Destiny. Use Real Player to watch.
  • Go to Site Resources and click on Primary Resources. You will find images for actual maps, newspaper articles, speeches and photos.

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